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LifeCovered is a family owned business that provides personalised and professional life and health insurance services.

LifeCovered will work with you to develop the best financial option for you, your family, or your business.

All LifeCovered Advisers are members:

Managing Director Willi


Registered Financial Adviser

Willi is a Life Insurance Specialist and a Financial Insights Podcaster, who focuses on protecting family and business from financial risk.

He has more than five years banking and life insurance experience in Europe and moved to NZ 2014 and has now established himself in Hamilton, servicing Waikato Region.

Willi lives in Hamilton with his Wife, Daniela and two children: Andrew & Laura.

He is a founding member of Rotary Rototuna, a community services club. He has experienced first hand the importance of having good insurance following an acute neurological disorder his wife suffered in 2004.

“As a family man and business owner, I can relate and understand the challenges of financial planning for family and business.”

“I love meeting people and life is about moments. Get in touch.

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